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food waste

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2018 Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival

Our mission is to bring the planet to Philadelphia through the power of environmental films. Jurors have reviewed 250 film submissions from 43 countries to create a weekend-long program that will entertain, inform, and inspire you. This year we are...
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Food Waste Math: How a City Girl Started Helping from Home (and you can too!)

“Spare some change so I can get some food?” The man on the corner, aged beyond his years covered with wrinkles, begged for my spare change. Instead of digging into my pocket, I rolled my eyes and assumed he’d blow it on booze. Like many people, this is what hunger in my city looked like to me, until it didn’t. I was shocked when a young co-worker confided that she has been on food stamps. A single mother, employed full time, still struggling to make ends meet. Yet her challenge to put food on her family’s table is one that many Americans face daily. This man and co-worker represent the tip of the food iceberg. World Environment Day reflects on why food is too valuable to waste locally and abroad:
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Friday Quickie: Take a Little Less

1.3 billion tons of food is wasted globally each year... Or more than 200 LBS per PERSON! (yes, you!). How many times do you overestimate how much food you can eat and end up throwing it in the compost (or jawdrop: trash!) Although it’s something we hear again and again, taking less portions is better for your waistline… AND less food for the landfill. Eating out? Split a meal with your dining partner or set aside half the meal to take home for later. Assessing your pantry & fridge inventory BEFORE a trip to the grocery store will also save you from buying too much food and help you stick to the bare minimums. Readers, any other tricks to eat & waste less?
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