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9 Low Cost & FREE Workouts in Philadelphia

May is finally here! The sun is shining, birds are singing and more skin is showing.  With Memorial Day is right around the corner, are you ready to bare it in your itty bitty bikini and board shorts? If you’re bummed about pigging out on that last pint of Ben and Jerry’s, don't fear: there’s still time to get in shape fast and FREE in Philadelphia. Whether you’re looking for a mind and body workout or a high-impact calorie burner, there’s plenty of low cost options for you. Click through for 9 options!
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Running Philly for Beginners: Guide for Success

As many active Philadelphians know, there’s less than 8 weeks until the Broad Street Run. On Sunday May 4th, runners will embark on the largest 10-mile road race, starting at the Central High School Athletic Field, passing the legendary City Hall and finally ending at the Navy Yard. While I've always been an avid runner, this will be my first time competing in a race (excluding my short lived cross country career in 7th grade). I’m scared, excited, nervous and electrified all bundled into one. Find out Philly's best running trails, tracks & running clubs after the jump!
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6 Reasons You Need to Stretch: And, No That Doesn’t Mean You Have to Go Do Yoga

For a lot of us stretching just isn't a priority. And,  I get that. If you're a gym person then you probably want to get in, get sweaty and get out. If you take fitness classes then you may have noticed that a lot of instructors skip stretching all together. (Some don't believe it's necessary, some expect that you'll do it on your own). In the fitness community stretching has become somewhat of a controversial subject. When I was studying for my Personal Training & Sports Medicine certification I realized that opinions of Fitness Experts are all over the board. So, I've made an effort to study and research the whole stretching she-bang for the past few years. Here's what I've learned - stretching is key - especially for those of us who spend a good portion of the day sitting. However, old school stretching before exercise is not of paramount importance and doesn't necessarily improve athletic importance. Personally I love my weekly yoga class as a way to work in stretching. But I'm an intermittent yogi and when I can't get to class I have to make an effort to carve out stretch time; Or, I feel it. I recently realized the hard way just how bad my body needs that stretch (and I'm not even a "desk worker" most days!) when I woke up feeling like a 90 year-old lady lacking full range of motion in my neck and complaining of creaky joints after a week without stretch time. If you aren't a regular stretcher I urge you to add even just 5-10 minutes into your routine two or three times a week. Do it first thing in the am pre-shower, as a mid-workday break or right before bed - just get it in and your bod will thank you. Click through for 6 reasons you need to stretch.
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