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Grant Blvd Pop-Up Shop

Grant Blvd, a socially responsible, sustainable fashion company, is hosting a Pop-Up Shop featuring our Spring/Summer ‘19 collection of one of a kind garments, each created using carefully curated, reclaimed fabrics. We’ll gather together to support slow, locally produced fashion...
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How to Score a Hot Fall Trend for Under $15

We aren't kidding with the price and found all the pieces in our own city. We'll show you how with our Mission: Local Thrift Store  With the fashion trends changing from season to season, it can be hard to maintain the look when you’re on a budget. Who doesn't want top trends without the price tag? Luckily, we have a solution without burning a hole in your pocket. Whether you're searching for a 'new' piece inspired by your Grandpa's sweater or high-waisted jeans, there's no better place to shop for vintage clothes than your local thrift store. Thrift shops hold so many unknown treasures all for an unbelievable cost. In order to stay ahead of the fall trends, we took a trip over to the Salvation Army in Manayunk and scouted clothing options. Fortunately, the thrift shop is home to many wonders just waiting for a new closet home. We found an overwhelming selection of clothes in a wide range of colors and sizes. While at Salvation Army, we pulled an outfit together that can be seen at any college campus during the fall, all for under $15.00.  Find out how, after the jump!
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Friday Quickie: Worn Leather is a (Little) Better

For some animal activists, vegans and other environmentally conscious folks leather is a fashion and function don't. The idea of wearing part of a dead animal corpse just doesn't sit well with some people. While I have not personally sworn off ALL leather from my wardrobe, this year I'm making a conscious effort to only purchase reused or worn items. Read on!
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