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Food, Farming & Philadelphia: Recap

Local changemakers prioritize access, communities, and healthy food for our tables. How does urban agriculture impact our communities, healthy waterways and food system? The Rodale Institute hosted a webinar on this topic last Saturday, and we had the pleasure of...
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It’s National Hemp Week: Why Should You Care?

This week marks the 3rd annual Hemp History Week movement and activists are hoping to spread the message that it's time to bring back hemp to United States farms. In case your familiarity with hemp doesn't extend beyond those annoying necklaces they sell at the beach let's rewind a bit. What is hemp, really? Essentially it's the non-drug variety that's grown from Cannabis. Yes, cannabis is often known as marijuana, but hemp contains almost zero tetrahydrocannabinol (THC - the marijuana part of the plant.)
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Alex Elman Wines Review

Sometimes you hear a story about someone who has faced adversity and not only risen above their challenges but done something good because of them. Stories like that are inspiring, and have a way of putting things in perspective. In my eyes this is one of them. Alex Elman lost her sight at 27 years old due to complications from diabetes. Her loss of one sense helped heighten another - taste. She discovered she possesses an exceptional palette for wine tasting. Read on after the jump!
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