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farm to table

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Farmer’s Road: Farm Fresh Fast Food in Chadds Ford

Picture this: You're taking a drive and hunger hits in in a major way. You realize you haven't packed your organic snacks (the horror!) and you cannot wait to eat. Although your hunger must be satisfied immediately, you don't have time for a sit-down meal. Panic sets in when you consider the limited, quick options... a plethora of greasy burgers, fries, MSG-filled fried chicken and soggy sandwiches. This was my predicament last weekend. Traveling from the Philadelphia Airport to the West Chester suburbs with friends, destiny collided when we stumbled upon Farmer's Road in Chadds Ford. The rustic sign advertising 'fresh fast food" beckoned to us and we pulled right in. Find out more about Farmer's Road, after the jump.
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Haven Restaurant Houston is Upscale Farm to Table

  So when you think of Houston, Texas the image of an environmentally city may not be what you envision. And, well you'd be correct. It's true Houston is well known for big hair, big houses and  big oil;  Plus in my experience residents don't walk anywhere (one exception may be across the popular Galleria mall) and recycling bins in public areas are somewhat scarce. But enough Houston criticizing - for today ;)  While visiting the city recently I found a restaurant gem I had to share. Haven restaurant is all about seasonal fare and inventive dishes. The atmosphere is polished yet earthy and formal enough for a special occasion but not too stuffy for a slightly boozy brunch. Plus, it's a green certified restaurant. Haven's produce, herbs, and honey are grown and harvested from their organic garden located on the property.
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Philadelphia Area CSA Groups : Plenty of Local Food to Enjoy!

Spring is almost here and it's time to consider where you'll get your local spring and summer produce. Community supported agriculture groups (CSAs) are one of the best ways! CSAs are an efficient means to get your produce directly from a local farm and cut out the middle man (grocers.) I love implementing the farm to table concept in my own kitchen, and have discovered lots of new veggies and fruit via CSA programs (rhubarb, swiss chard, and purple peppers to name a few!) Discover local CSA options after the jump.
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