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Farm to City

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AGRITECTURE: Blurring the Line Between Farm and City

Join Erdy McHenry Architecture for our annual DesignPhiladelphia celebration—featuring Philly Microgreens and Dickson Despommier, father of the Vertical Farm movement! As the world population is set to approach 10 billion by 2050, humanity reckons with an agricultural infrastructure that is...
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Farm to City is Looking for Farmers Market Volunteers

Looking to get some volunteer hours in this summer? Want to meet locavore lovers and those who love to eat?  Farm to City has a volunteer opportunity we are sharing below: Farm to City is looking for energetic and passionate volunteers to staff an information table at our biggest market, the Saturday Rittenhouse Farmers’ Market. Volunteers will provide information and resources on vendors, community activities, and Farm to City programs including:
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CSA Adventures: Why Should You Join?

My CSA has officially started... and it has made me one happy woman. I picked up my friend's CSA share last summer and loved the experience. Yet after making my weekly trek to the farmer's market, I decided to bite the bullet and officially enroll for a share. After researching many local CSAs (Or Community Shared (or Supported) Agriculture), (find out more about why you should join a CSA after the jump!)
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