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Step Out & Let It Go: Get Outside This Fall

Ever feel a little overwhelmed? As I paddleboarded into the massive lake, I felt it: the anxious feeling. Often I have anxiety about upcoming events – although sometimes nothing in particular, I often feel on edge. As I paddled into the lake, I was alone. Although I knew how to balance myself on the board and wasn't worried about falling, I couldn't kick the feeling. Find out how I kicked myself back to serenity, after the jump....
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Friday Quickie: Reduce Yard Waste This Fall

Autumn leaves are gorgeous , but can add up to quite the mess when they fall. Don't let your yard waste end up in landfills! Here's a few do's and don'ts for this leafy season: Don't use a leaf blower. Leaf blowers may save time, but they release emissions and cause pollution. Do grab a rake! You'll kill two birds with one stone - getting in a good workout, and cleaning up your yard simultaneously. Don't burn your leaves. It's crazy that people still do this - yes it's easy but putting a match to a big pile of leaves produces hydrocarbons that can contain toxic and carcinogenic compounds. Not to mention it's a fire hazard. Read on for more!
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Friday Quickie: Clean the Air, Reduce Allergies

At this risk of sounding like an annoying daytime television commercial, "Yes I suffer from terrible seasonal allergies." For me and other allergy sufferers fall can mean tissues, eye drops and lots of cursing your bad fortune. I've learned a few tricks over the years to help clean household air and reduce allergy symptoms:
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Fall Sale: Reusable Bags

Happy Monday! (Hmmm... Is that an oxymoron?) Here's something to brighten the start of your week: Check out the major fall sale! If it's time to invest in some new bags or you just have the shopping itch - this site has a good selection. I'm a big fan of these bags. They're sturdy enough to handle heavier items and are made of 100% recycled fabric.
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