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Coolest Etsy Find. Ever.

I was scrolling my fav site, Etsy, for gifts (for myself... err others) and found this necklace.. a Wearable Planter Necklace! This jewelry from Holland is totally sweet, and I love plants... but I must ask... how can you keep a plant alive in a small little necklace? Do you have to hang your necklace outside, making sure to 'water your jewelry' after watering your garden? At least you're adding some more plants to wherever you travel. Anyway, this is too awesome not to share. Posted by Julie
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Creative? Enter the Art of ReUse

A huge part of being 'green' is giving & reusing products so they have a second life. The Art of ReUse by Green is Universal & Etsy encourage participants to submit simple & creative ways to give unwanted items a second life. Unfortunately, I prefer (find out what, after the jump!)
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