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Top Tips to “Winterize” Your Home

This year many readers have resolved to maintain or rev up their green lifestyle. We’re here to help! Winter chill has definitely been felt in the tri-state area recently. Frigid temps often have us thinking about the cozy and warm and admittedly sometimes doing what ever is most convenient and easy. But, keeping your home eco-friendly during winter doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. Read on for some tips for the winter season:
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Penn State's Energy Conservation Policy

We are... Going Green! Last week, my alma mater Penn State announced an Energy Conservation Policy to go green and save money this fall by limiting energy use. Penn State's energy consumption is 83% of greenhouse gas emissions at the university - which isn't cheap. PSU's cumulative electric bill has doubled to apprx. $2 million per month since rate caps were lifted earlier this year. To combat a $25 increase per semester for students, Penn State is campaigning to cut energy use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Guidelines for this plan include staff and students actions including:
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