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Friday Quickie: Go For the Bar!

This Friday, we're asking you to go for the Bar! (of soap.) Over the past year, I’ve swapped liquid body wash for the bar variety.  It’s less expensive and saves packaging waste. Plus, all of that water IN the liquid wash uses… you guessed it, more water.  (More water = more weight & energy = increased fuel costs for transportation) Supposedly the average bar of soap lasts for 20 showers (vs. a 16 ounce of body wash is 80) – Although body wash costs more than 4 x’s the bar. (However, my bars of soap seem to last literally for 30-40 showers.)
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Happy 500th Green Philly Blog Post!

Hey Green Philly Blog Readers, Fans & Friends, Thanks for reading, commenting, and inspiring us to help Philly become a shade greener. We still have a long way to go, but we're very thankful for our readers - veteran and new! We started this blog over 3 years ago... as two women who wanted to make a difference.  Carpooling & complaining about our former company's lack of recycling bins, we realized our passion could develop into something bigger.  Something that can educate others.  Something that could help make our city a little bit greener. Since Green Philly Blog's infancy, we've... (click through to read the rest of our 500 post reflections!)
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Arcadia Boutique – Eco-friendly fashions for the Philly girl (& guy or baby)!

Arcadia Boutique is every fashionable green girl's heaven (aka mine). Selling anything from fashionable dresses and tops, jeans, shoes/boots, bags, belts, accessories, vintage, gifts and much more - You'll definitely find something for your wardrobe. Arcadia offers a variety of sustainable finds from designers around Philadelphia and beyond. Want to 'green' the men or babies in your life?
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Are you using Eco-friendly TP?

My friends, co-workers & family know I co-write "Green Philly Blog" and ask for green advice. While I often can assist, I occasionally don't even know the answer... (Sorry to expose that fact.) As Beth & I have mentioned before, the green route isn't always crystal-clear - especially with green imposters. When I was asked about eco-friendliness of toilet paper, I had to do a little research. My old roomie & I were meant to be: As one visiting friend pointed out, we were huge fans of 1-ply toilet paper - not always found at mid-20, chick apartments. However, it turns out this mutual love of 1-ply is quite eco-friendly. Want to know what to look for in TP purchases? Experts recommend:
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Eco-Friendly Fashion Show on Earth Day hosted by Drexel Student

Are you looking for something to do on Earth Day (next Wednesday, April 22nd)? Drexel student Jenni Izzo is hosting an eco-friendly fashion show at the F.U.E.L. Collection on 249 Arch Street (former 'Real World' House) at 7pm. Tickets are being sold presale for only $20, and all proceeds will be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Jenni wanted to host an eco-friendly Fashion Show to bring the community together & support environmental action. Over 30 local and national designers and boutiques including
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