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Arcadia Boutique is Closing! Time to Mourn.

We've been a huge fan of Arcadia Boutique for years. Full of sustainably-made, local and recycled clothing, it has been a green girl's dream. My winter boots still look amazing after wearing them for years. Once upon a time when I resided in Northern Liberties, there was a period I frequented enough to consider moving in. Their Rittenhouse location closed last year. Yet we received an email that was the worst breakup thus far the other day: Find out more about Arcadia's closing, after the jump.
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Arcadia Boutique – Eco-friendly fashions for the Philly girl (& guy or baby)!

Arcadia Boutique is every fashionable green girl's heaven (aka mine). Selling anything from fashionable dresses and tops, jeans, shoes/boots, bags, belts, accessories, vintage, gifts and much more - You'll definitely find something for your wardrobe. Arcadia offers a variety of sustainable finds from designers around Philadelphia and beyond. Want to 'green' the men or babies in your life?
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It's Semi-Annual Sale Season: Is Shopping Online Greener?

In case you haven't had an influx of emails from retailers across the country announcing their semi-annual sales the past few weeks, here's another reminder! "But money is tight... times are tough" We've been hearing these phrases more often than ever the past year. However, every once in awhile you need to treat yourself. So take advantage and shop. But here's the question - is shopping online really more eco-friendly than hitting up the stores? The truth is it's a case by case situation. Here's a few things to consider:
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