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Sustainable Travels

Whale & Dolphin Sightings… Off the Cape May, New Jersey Coast!

Ever since I read the eco-thriller "Eye of the Whale", I've wanted to see whales in the flesh. The fictional novel is fascinating, as it’s full of true whale facts and habits. And I knew I HAD to see a little blowhole sooner than later... When I saw a Philly Dealyo deal for Whale Watching in Cape May, I was almost suspicious that whales wouldn't cross the dirty jersey seas. However, I was quite pleased to find out they did! Five of my friends from an Avalon shorehouse and I decided to embark on the 2.5 hour tour from Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center at 9:30 on Saturday morning. (Find out more & see sweet sea pics, after the jump!)
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The Cove Review: Documentary of Taiji's Secret

Looking for an informative but interesting flick? Sundance winner The Cove offers summer entertainment plus lots of suspense - while informing the public about a "secret" that's purely disturbing. Every year in Taiji, Japan, 23,000 dolphins are slaughtered in a cove for their meat. Former dolphin trainer Ric O'Barry is at the forefront of uncovering Taiji's hunt to the public. But is this practice a cultural difference, or just plain wrong? Here's a trailer:
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