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Where Can I Recycle Wednesday… Deodorant Tubes?

I'll admit it, personal hygiene products stress me out. Why do they have to make shampoo, body wash, shave gel, razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and every other product in an unidentifiable (most likely) plastic where I don't know if it can be recycled or not? More importantly, what do I do with those empty tubes of DO for the BO? (Find out what to do with those tricky buggers, after the jump!)
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Green Your 'Concealed' Parts…

You feel good about carrying reusable bags, drinking out of your SIGG and cleaning with homemade eco-friendly products . Making sustainable, smart choices in your daily habits can go a long way. What about less frequently marketed ‘green’ products? Here’s two daily items you may not have considered – yet :
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