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Sustainable Travels

Philly versus Copenhagen: Green City Battle

This past semester, I escaped the Polar Vortex and studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. Over four months, I discovered and explored the new city, including its sustainability scene. Copenhagen, the winner of the EU’s Green Capital 2014, is well known for its advanced efforts to as a model sustainable city. Philly has begun its journey to be the most sustainable city in the US, according to Mayor Nutter’s Greenworks plan. How does Philly compare to Copenhagen? Who’s winning the green battle on their respective continent?
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The Stage is Set for The Copenhagen Climate Talks

Copenhagen is all over the news this week... so what's the deal with the Climate Conference? This week our guest blogger, Clayton Bedwell, shares his expertise. With the largest and most anticipated global climate conference in history kicking off in Copenhagen, here are a few story lines that are shaping expectations: US & China Ready to Play Ball - Last Wednesday The Obama Administration announced they were ready to take a plan to Copenhagen that would reduce domestic greenhouse gas emissions to 17 percent below 2005 levels, by 2020, and an 83 percent reduction by 2050. One day later China announced a plan to slow the growth of greenhouse gasses by 2020. Clearly the US and China have realized that the age of running from global climate reform has come to an end, but given how little both countries are willing to sacrifice in relation to their European counterparts, its hard to imagine that the Copenhagen Climate Talks will yield the profound results that was once expected. East Angelia University & The Emergence of "Climategate"
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