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Philadelphia City Nature Challenge

As we say goodbye to April showers and hello to May flowers, you too can bloom and grow by taking part in the Philadelphia City Nature Challenge, a 4-day bio-blitz where cities worldwide see who can record the most wildlife....
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Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Pennsylvania Resources Council is excited to host the Wild & Scenic Film Festival presented by South Yuba River Citizens League for the 6th consecutive year! This online, virtual event features a series of thought-provoking and breathtaking local, national and global short films exploring the protection...
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Winterfest for Wildlife

To celebrate the reopening of our Wildlife Clinic, it’s a day of wildlife-themed fun at our Visitor Center, including crafts, animal face painting, nature walks, a bake sale and a raffle for the clinic. Learn about caring for wildlife from...
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Eco-Inspiration: Alexandra Cousteau and Blue Legacy

Despite our very best efforts to be environmentally active sometimes it's tough to motivate. The problems can seem too big or too far away from our individual lives. Sometimes, when I feel overwhelmed I look to "enviro-celebs" to inspire me... Alexandra Cousteau is one of these celebs I speak of. Cousteau is founder of Blue Legacy, a non-profit movement to bring water to the forefront of society's issues. Further, Blue Legacy aims to motivate people to act on these critical issues. Alexandra's family is rooted in environmental advocacy. She's the grand-daughter of activist and National Geography contributor Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Her parents were bringing her on expeditions when she was just a few months old.
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