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New York’s New Food Compost Program: Bloomberg Thinks It’s Time

This week New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's new mission to require food composting made headlines. The plan to begin collecting food scraps across the city has been called ambitious by some, though other cities like Seattle and San Francisco have had success with food compost programs. The intention of the proposed program is to decrease residential food waste.  Initially the program will be voluntary but Bloomberg's administration is hopeful that within a few years it'll become mandatory. Sanitation officials said more than 5 percent of households in the city would be on board voluntarily by next year, and more than 600 schools will take part as well.
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Friday Quickie: Reduce Yard Waste This Fall

Autumn leaves are gorgeous , but can add up to quite the mess when they fall. Don't let your yard waste end up in landfills! Here's a few do's and don'ts for this leafy season: Don't use a leaf blower. Leaf blowers may save time, but they release emissions and cause pollution. Do grab a rake! You'll kill two birds with one stone - getting in a good workout, and cleaning up your yard simultaneously. Don't burn your leaves. It's crazy that people still do this - yes it's easy but putting a match to a big pile of leaves produces hydrocarbons that can contain toxic and carcinogenic compounds. Not to mention it's a fire hazard. Read on for more!
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