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Climate March

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How Philly is Prepping Against Climate Change

Over 400,000 individuals invaded New York on Sunday to make a statement to world leaders about climate change. Mayor's National Climate Action Agenda Yesterday, Mayor Michael Nutter announced the formation of the Mayor's National Climate Action Agenda with Mayors Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles and Annise Parker of Houston. Nutter is currently in New York City for the Clinton Global Initiative meeting and was announced on day one of Climate Week, an international platform for government, business and civil society to work together on low carbon solutions to the climate change crisis. Find out more about the Mayor's new initiative, and what Philadelphia & Pennsylvania are doing about climate change, after the jump.
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People’s Climate March Sunday – Philly Unites & How to Join ’em

Are you ready for that sound? History is being made this weekend. The People's Climate March is pegged to be the biggest in history on Sunday, 9/21 in this smack middle of Manhattan. With over 1000 groups coordinating the march, citizens are proving a point to our global leaders that our pathetic inaction on climate change ain't cutting it. They're expecting 100,000 people. Let's back up.
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