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climate crisis

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Ocean Climate Action Capitol Hill Lobby Day April 14, 2021

In what is expected to be the largest ocean lobby in U.S. history, the Ocean Climate Action Plan (OCAP) coalition, with key supporters including Climate Envoy John Kerry, Climate Activist and Actor Jane Fonda, founder of the environmental justice movement Dr. Robert Bullard, Indigenous groups, industry...
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Obama's Inaugural Address

Yesterday environmentalists (along with most of America) listened with a keen ear as our 44th President took the podium and addressed the nation. President Obama made several comments to stress his resolve to combat climate change. Some highlights from his speech:
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Campaign Coverage: Al Gore’s Mile-High Speech

One of my favorite speeches of the Democratic Convention was former V.P. Al Gore's. Since watching & reading both versions of An Inconvenient Truth, I've respected Gore's involvement with the climate crisis. This is one reason why watching "Recount" on HBO was truly depressing - especially when reflecting on Bush's enviro-damage record during his presidency...
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