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How to Dine A Little Greener

In the summertime I get the urge to eat out more. The longer days and opportunity for al fresco dining (one of my favorite little pleasures in life) just make restaurants that much more enjoyable for me. I frequent establishments that boast the use of organic and local ingredients, along with lots of vegan and vegetarian hot spots. But, I also head to restaurants that aren't necessarily well known for any of these things. While dining I’m often on the lookout for how restaurants measure up in the eco-friendly department. Here are some practices that help keep businesses in the food industry greener. Don’t be shy - suggest some of these next time you’re at one of your favorite spots. Green restaurant practices:
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Wilson’s Soap Co.: Local Company Spotlight

Wilson's Soap is an example of how one idea can morph into another and do it well. Don Wilson's initial business model was based on promoting the concept of a BioDiesel Plant in Philadelphia. But, when the economy went downhill Wilson found himself with a whole slew of equipment, and "nothing to do with it", he says. Wilson discovered that soap and BioDiesel are more similar than one would imagine. Some soap is actually a byproduct of making BioDiesel. As a man whose hobbies included soap-making starting a company where he could combine a craft and utilize his machinery seemed a natural fit. After thousands of tests to get the formulas just right Wilson's Soap Co. was born.
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