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Clean Currents

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It’s Not Easy Being Green…But Using Wind Power is a Piece of Cake!

This is our final installment in the guest posts from Dave Greene of Clean Currents. It’s not easy being green. Especially in a society that keeps begging you to buy stuff you don’t need, eat food that isn’t really food, and use up fossil fuels like there’s no tomorrow. Well guess what, if we keep on burning fossil fuels there may actually be no tomorrow! I know, I know, it’s scary, but we have to face the fact that we’re seriously messing up this planet we’re so lucky to call home. Lucky for you, even though it’s not easy being green in general, there’s one incredibly easy thing you can do to slash your carbon footprint and help pave the way for a better world: switch to wind power.
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To Bike or Not to Bike: THAT is the Question

Guest blogger Dave Greene returns to GPB, this time to talk about his favorite thing to do: Biking. This is another installment of the Clean Currents sponsored posts from your neighborhood green energy company. To bike or not to bike? Is that ever a serious question? Not for this green guy. If there’s any possible way, I always bike. Even if it’s not exactly easy. Even if it’s raining, even if it’s 100 degrees outside, even if I have to go to the hardware store and there’s an 85% chance I will need to drag home several 2x4s (that wasn’t fun, but I DID IT). I bike because (find out why, after the jump!)
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How to Winterproof Your Home…With FIRE

This sponsored post comes to us from Clean Currents, another post in the It's Not Easy Being (Dave) Greene Series. We met Dave Greene in a previous post. Yikes, talk about an Indian Summer! Even though it's been climate-changingly toasty this past week, the Farmer's Almanac is predicting a nasty winter -- and it's right around the corner. So last weekend I got my housemate Jack to help me out with winterizing our windows, and we actually succeeded in making it through the project without any major accidents, spills, or mistakes! Find out how to winterize your home (with FIRE) with Dave, after the jump:
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Q&A with Dave Greene of Clean Currents

Have you ever gotten the sinking feeling that being green is just no fun? Sure, we environmentalists do cool planet-saving stuff and hang out in nature when we can, but the super-scariness of the big environmental problems facing us these days is hard to laugh about. To help us take a light-hearted view of what ails us, today we’d like to welcome guest blogger Dave Greene to the Green Philly Blog. This is the first sponsored post in the series that comes to us from Clean Currents, your friendly neighborhood green energy company. Welcome Dave! For starters, tell us a little bit about who you are and where you came from. First of all, let’s get one thing straight:
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