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7 Steps to Go Green: On the Go

“Sustainable travel, ultimately, is moral travel.” I love to travel, whether it’s a day trip to a neighboring town or state park or a flight to the other side of the world. There’s something mind-blowing to me about seeing an...
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Public Transportation is Your Friend

Snow storms have hit harder than the norm this year - and it's not even February. Naturally, this has folks grumbling about the annoyance of digging their cars out. Further, driving can be tricky - and at times dangerous. What can you do to get around Philly easier during these sometimes treacherous months? This winter consider upping your use of public transportation. Staying out of the driver's seat will give you peace of mind. Plus, you're saving emissions and gas money. (Don't worry - even Julie survived her Low Car Diet run.) Here's a refresh of the public transportation options available to Philadelphia residents:
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