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Carbon Footprint

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Friday Quickie: Fly Direct

Hey readers, have any exciting spring or summer travel plans coming up? If you're flying and can manage it financially try to fly direct. Layovers in your itinerary can add miles to your carbon footprint. When you take one flight as opposed to hopping on a few to reach your final destination you'll help save excess emissions. (Plus, you usually arrive feeling a little less frazzled and your luggage is less likely to go missing.) When this just isn't possible - financially or logistically (flying direct internationally is often tough) - be sure to be aware of your impact while vacationing.
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Zipcar Unveils New Zipvan Line in Philly

Zipcar is one of Philly's prime car sharing solutions for urban dwellers who want to live a mostly car-less life but need wheels every once in awhile. Now the world's leading car sharing network is expanding to include Zipvan™ cargo van service across North America. Zipcar is launching the Zipvan service in Philadelphia, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Portland, Oregon and will expand to other markets over the next year. I had a chance to ask Zipcar Philly's General Manager, Peter Bruvik, some questions about the new van sharing initiative . Read on for the Q&A.
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Cherry Hill Auto Dealer Unveils Environmentally Friendly Motorcycles

Cherry Hill automotive and motorcycle dealers, Eckenhoff Automotive, unveiled the eco conscious Zero Motorcycle line this Monday. Zero Motorcycles are dubbed “electric super motor bikes” manufactured in Santa Cruz, California. These days they’re the leader in the electric bike industry. I spoke with the father, son team - Ted and Glenn Eckenhoff- to get the scoop. Read on for details!
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Chatting with 2011 Zipcar Low Car Diet Participant: Rachael Kennedy

Rachael Kennedy recently completed her Low Car Diet with Zipcar, just like I did last year! We had a chance to ask her a few questions about her experience. She’s a recent Temple University graduate who moved to Philly last August. Just as she was going on her second year as a city-dweller and sick of the parking scene, she heard about Zipcar. The Low Car Diet seemed like a perfect trial period to go car-less. Now, for the questions: Green Philly Blog: How does it feel to be car-free?
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Green Tips for Labor Day

Whether you’re hosting a barbecue, enjoying a picnic in the park, or hitting up the beach one last time during this Labor Day weekend keep in mind these simple tips : Reduce your carbon footprint and use public transportation or carpool with friends and family to your destination. Use the final celebration weekend of summer to enjoy locally grown produce like (get more info, after the jump!)
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Reader Question: What’s Up With Fair Trade?

GPB reader, Jack asks... Q: I see the term “fair trade” on products. I know this is a good thing but what does fair trade really mean? A: The term fair trade refers to the movement that helps farmers or producers experience better trading conditions. Essentially, the approach focuses on exports coming from developing countries to developed countries and emphasizes paying the producers more (and more fairly.) Read on!
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Read Greener

When you’re a voracious reader it’s easy to accumulate a slews of novels, periodicals and the occasional magazine. Reading is my go to relaxation method. Despite using the public library whenever I can I’ve accrued my fair share of books over the years. ( I reread and lend them to friends for maximum reuse.) While I’m here getting things off my chest - a few months back I noticed I had magazines piling up as well. My rule was: I’ll only buy magazines when I travel. Then I started traveling more frequently , and before I knew it my already crammed bookshelves were filled with magazines… that I’d eventually recycle. Still, I felt guilty contributing to paper consumption. What’s a reader to do?
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