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The Perfume Fountain: Natural Air Freshener & Perfume

There's always a downside to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Like most of those fragrances you see plastered with the gorgeous faces of Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Queen Bey have a dark side. The US National Academy of Sciences targeted fragrances over 25 years ago as one of the 6 categories of neutroxins (ie toxic to your brain) as perfume; are made from synthetic, petroleum-based chemicals and may contain cancer-causing toxins. So what's a green guy or gal to do? Local Company Spotlight: The Perfume Fountain
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40 Day Lent Challenge: Can One Survive on Philly Products?

Confession: When I was supposed to give up something for Lent growing up, I failed miserably. (Sorry Mom & Dad!)  Whether it was chocolate or swearing, I caved at some point. Instead of failing again at a petty sacrifice, I decided to make a 40-day commitment in 2012 that could make an environmental impact.  Some of my potential options... "Going vegan for 40 days"? Overdone.  (Plus, many people are vegan by choice... like the Skinny Bitches, LA & this Team Vegan Philly.  It would be like one of my friends saying "Guess what! I'm going eco-friendly for 40 days." Yawn.)  Zero-waste household? The Johnsons have already documented their transformation. So, I decided to go back to my roots... My 40 day challenge is
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