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Broad Street Run

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Running Philly for Beginners: Guide for Success

As many active Philadelphians know, there’s less than 8 weeks until the Broad Street Run. On Sunday May 4th, runners will embark on the largest 10-mile road race, starting at the Central High School Athletic Field, passing the legendary City Hall and finally ending at the Navy Yard. While I've always been an avid runner, this will be my first time competing in a race (excluding my short lived cross country career in 7th grade). I’m scared, excited, nervous and electrified all bundled into one. Find out Philly's best running trails, tracks & running clubs after the jump!
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Can the Broad Street Run Be More Sustainable, Please? Open Letter to Mayor Nutter

Dear Mayor Nutter, Yesterday was a great day. I woke up at 6 AM to run with 39,999 of my closest friends down Broad Street. It made up for missing the Supermoon thanks to a bunch of clouds on Saturday evening. Given that this was my fourth time for the Broad Street Run, I was pretty calm awaiting the start gun. But I heard your proclamation that you wanted to make Broad Street the biggest 10 miler in the WORLD. Kudos, Mayor.  I appreciate trying to get Philly on the map. I even high-fived you after I crossed the start line in support of your ambition, Greenworks and more. Yet running yesterday reminded me of how much waste is created from one (average) 1:40 minute run. Especially when 40K people run.  Since you've already proclaimed we want to make Philadelphia America's Greenest City by 2015, why can't we combine the two ideas and make Broad Street Run the Biggest Environmentally-friendly Philly Race?!? Here are a few observations of the Broad Street Run and suggestions on how we can green-i-fy both the expo & race:
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