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Kate Phillippo at Uncle Bobbie’s

Who: Kate Phillippo, author of A Contest without Winners: How Students Experience Competitive School Choice Where: Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee and Books 5445 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19144 When: Jun 26, 2019 07:00 PM What: Book talk and signing, in conversation...
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Donate Used Books in Philadelphia: WCI Weds

Do you have old books sitting on your shelf, wasting space? It's almost difficult to give away books since they rarely retain any value. Plus, I've been denied giving books to libraries by my office!  But never fret, dear readers. We found JUST where to donate those books for today's Where Can I Wednesday column helps you donate all of those used and old books in Philadelphia. Happy spring cleaning! Here's where to donate used books in Philadelphia:
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Seeds of Discent Book Club – Recap

We recently hosted a bookclub with Nic Esposito to discuss his first book, Seeds of Discent. A beautiful evening last week, we appropriately gathered at Head & the Hand Press headquarters over wine, with friends in a conversation that covered sustainability, urban farming and how it all began. Head & the Hand Press Beginnings Nic Esposito had a passion and noticed a problem. Authors with book deals aren't always necessarily better than those who didn't have big publishing companies behind them. Some of the best writers in Philly didn't have published works to their names. Local writers simply didn't have the accessibility of New York to make those essential connections to get their books published.   Yet Philadelphia is a city of sharers, entrepreneurs and people who support their community. Find out more about Seeds of Discent, Head & the Hand and our discussion on urban sustainability, after the jump!
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Top 6 Green Children’s Books All Parents Need

I have a confession to make. Deep breath. Here it goes. When I was a small kid,  I used to trap insects in a bug catcher. Then, I read James and the Giant Peach.  James and the Giant Peach is an adventure about a young boy who crosses the Atlantic with his best friends, who just so happen to have many legs and an exoskeleton. My days as a bugnapper were officially over. This experience taught me how important books are in shaping the values of children. However, I’m not the only one who can benefit from the lessons of my transformation. What literature can you use to introduce environmental lessons for your kids? Find out the 6 best children’s books to raise young environmentalists, after the jump!
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Raw, Quick & Delicious: 15 Min Recipes without Cooking

Love to prepare food at home but hate draining your time? Raw, Quick & Delicious is a great solution for you. I recently tried out a few recipes during a dinner gathering with a friend. Locavore Dinner Party A Twitter match made in heaven happened when I became friends with Kristy, an up-and-coming food blogger. Lucky for us, Kristy loves to cook and I love to eat. Kristy hosted me at her place to discuss KEEN Digital Summit (co-founded by one of my favorite bloggers, Kristin Luna of Camels & Chocolate) which we're psyched to attend in October. (Bonus: I even won a pair of passes to the conference!) This girl doesn't mess around while cooking. Seriously, just look at this Dill-salmon that was the main course along with an asparagus-based purée. Raw, Quick & Delicious: My creations My first experiment was the Salmon side, Green Beans Amandine. A simple recipe consisting of raw almonds, sea salt, green beans, olive oil & lemon juice (I left out the nutritional yeast...) was easy and a great pairing to our meal. (See recipe below!) Find out more about our dinner party and Raw, Quick & Delicious after the jump!
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