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bike lanes

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My Rebuttal to Philly Mag’s “Cyclists Get What’s Coming to ‘Em’ Post

Philly Mag published a post yesterday by Carrie Denny titled “Philadelphia Cyclists Finally Get What’s Coming to ‘Em..”     *hand to forehead.* As Ms. Denny begins, “The Boyfriend says that bikers throughout the city of Philadelphia know well the hum of my 2000 Land Rover Discovery. You know what I say? I wish they did. Then maybe they’d get the hell out of the way.” Get the hell out of the way?? Oh, Carrie, it’s been brought-en. Throughout the article, Ms. Denny (find out more, after the jump!)
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Bike Lanes Open on 13th!

Woohoo! As we mentioned,the North-South Bike lanes are going in on 10th & 13th Streets in Philly from South to Market. Then, a bill was floating around City Council that they'd had to approve bike lanes - which would likely delay more lanes being put in. Good news! The Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition reported the Bike Lanes have been painted on 13th!! Check out the
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Philadelphia #1 City for Bike Commuting in US!

Hipsters and athletes rejoice in harmony! What a difference a decade makes... Philadelphia went from America's Fattest City to the #1 Bike commuting! The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia’s report finds that Philadelphia has twice (per capita) as many bicycle commuters as any other big city in the US, increasing
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More Bike Lanes? Bring Them On, Philly!

OK, I'll admit it. I'm slowly turning into the 'green', earth-loving stereotype. While I try to keep my lecturing & whines to a minimum, I keep getting greener and greener since the start of Green Philly Blog. I'm 99% pescatarian. Finally, I bought a bike. So, readers. Please bear with me for a second, while I celebrate. There's a big announcement for people like me: Philly's going to add more bike lanes. WOOO-Hooo! :-) 2 North-south bike lanes a block apart are going
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