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Earth Day Cleanup & FREE beer at Clark Park Tomorrow

Feel guilty that you didn't have a chance to help out on Philly Spring Cleanup Day? You can clear your conscious by cleaning up West Philly's Clark Park this Saturday, April 19th. The best part? You can get free food & beer after your clean up, so you're receiving a little bonus on top of the feel-good volunteering. Check the details, after the jump!
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FU Sandy : Flying Fish Supports NJ Sandy Storm Relief

Flying Fish Brewing Co. has announced that they'll debut a new beer early this February and donate 100% of the proceeds to New Jersey victims of 2012's Superstorm Sandy. The new beer named "Forever Unloved Sandy" or F.U .Sandy for short is dubbed a hybrid wheat-pale ale. I say hats off to Flying Fish; The thing that strikes me as especially cool about this is Flying Fish isn't just donating profits but every dollar and cent to NJ Sandy Storm Relief. The F.U. Sandy brew will produce approximately 100 kegs of beer, sales of which will generate $50,000 directly towards a charity.  The recipient of the F. U. Sandy funds will be a grassroots NJ-based charitable organization dedicated to Superstorm Sandy relief and chosen by Flying Fish fans via social media.  Read on to find out how you can nominate a charity.
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City Spotlight: New York’s Candle 79 & Candle Cafe

Welcome to our new monthly series, City Spotlight, where we feature green goodness in cities across the nation and globe. Here you'll find ideas for great vegan and veg restaurants, cool eco-sites and shops, and other worthy attractions for when you venture beyond Philly - and the Jersey Shore ;) My recent and upcoming travels have prompted me to share some of my favorite haunts, and we hope you'll share yours as well whether in the comments or via email. Today let's talk about NYC - the city where you can get anything you want anytime of day. And, that includes off the charts vegan dining options. I enjoy a lot of vegan restaurants when I'm in Manhattan including Blossom, Peacefood Cafe, Pure Food & Wine (all raw!) and v-note. However, my first choice go-to picks are sister restaurants Candle 79 & Candle Cafe. They focus on local, seasonal vegan fare and use organic ingredients whenever possible. Click through to find out what makes these spots special!
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Sustainable Beers for Philly Beer Week

How are you celebrating Philly Beer Week? I started my celebration of hops last evening at the Extreme Homebrew Challenge - where none other than my awesome brother's Factotum, (aged over American Oak chips infused with Maker's Mark) won the People's Choice award! Whether you drink beer, wine or liquor, you can green your imbibing impact. Lucky for us Philadelphians, there's tons of opportunities to drink green, local, delicious beer in Philly this week. Here's a few sustainable beer movers & shakers:
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Where to Recycle Wine Corks: WCI Weds

It's Philly Beer Week Ya'll! Although I enjoy a good local brew, I'm also a huge fan of wine. Wine bottles are recyclable and you can find local and/or organic wines easily. But what should you do with those damn un-recyclable wine corks? Good news - there's a few options for you! Choose one of the following to do with your wine corks:
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Green Your St. Patrick’s Day

While many in Philadelphia started celebrating St. Patrick's Day with the Erin Express & such this weekend - the official big day is approaching! We love greening our holidays... especially one of our favorite days of the year when everyone wears green! Here's a few ways to celebrate leprechaun-style & green your St. Patrick's Day:
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