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The First Annual Cold Weather Cleanup

Hey everyone! Cold Weather Company here, we’re a NJ-based alternative folk band that often performs in Philly (including pretty recently at the SustainPHL Awards)! November 15th, 2013 marked the date of our first ever show, meaning we’re coming up on...
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Shored Up Screening and Q&A with Ben Kalina

As we’ve seen with the extreme heat and flooding this month, climate change is already taking its toll on Southeastern PA. As the earth continues to warm, Philadelphia will face many adverse impacts, including rising sea levels that threaten our...
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Sustainable Travels

3 Lessons Learned from my Avalon Vacation

As I'm taking 10 glorious days to rejuvenate from my normally hectic schedule, I can't escape my green observations & habits. Being green is a part of my lifestyle, and I have "green guilt" if I knowingly do something un-green... Whether I'm on the beach, in our beachhouse, or going for a run. In the past few days, I've learned some lessons from my new-found friends in Avalon, NJ, I'd like to share:
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