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America Recycles Day

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Philly Celebrates America Recycles Day 11/15

Did you know our current recycling rate is 34% annually? Although it saves greenhouse gases of 35 million cars on the road (or growing 5 billion trees over 10 yrs), we can still increase this stat. Tomorrow (November 15th) is America Recycles Day, a day to promote, educate & motivate recycling in the USA. Here's a few ways Philly & you can celebrate this joyous holiday celebration:
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America Recycles Day: November 15th

This Saturday, November 15th marks America Recycles Day. You’ve heard the recycling message many times before and you’re probably doing your part to decrease waste. You can feel like a big nag when you see someone improperly toss a recyclable item, but spreading the word on all the pros of recycling can only help the cause. It’s a simple ‘recycle bin versus trash’ mindset change in many cases - not requiring additional effort, just added consciousness. So, what a more appropriate time to review some of the major benefits of all your efforts than America Recycles Day? Some of the top reasons to recycle:
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