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Where Can I Recycle Printers in Philadelphia

Where Can I Recycle Printers in Philadelphia

When your printer finally coughs out its last letter-sized sheet, you may be at a loss for how to dispose of it. After all, when we dump our electronics in landfills or elsewhere, we risk hazardous contaminants harming the environment. Plus, leaving electronics curbside was outlawed in Philly in January 2013, so you’d also be risking a hefty fine.

This edition of Where Can I Wednesday has a few sustainable suggestions for how to recycle your printer. So out with the old, and in with the new! Let’s hope this one doesn’t jam as much.


  • eForce Recycling (3114 Grays Ferry Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19146): This company aims to maintain a zero landfill policy and zero export of hazardous e-waste. Check out their list of accepted products here.
  • Philadelphia Sanitation Convenience Centers: Philadelphians can use this service for free, with proof of residency. Here’s a list of their locations.
  • Desktop Disposal: This service is only for schools, business, or government entities, so if that’s not you, refer to one of the other options. Schedule a pickup by filling out this
  • Staples (1500 Chestnut Street, 19102; Staples – 1300 S Columbus Blvd): The store doesn’t just sell office supplies — it also accepts electronics like printers for no charge.
  • Best Buy (2300 S Columbus Blvd, 2130 Route 70, Cherry Hill NJ): Drop off your old printer and shop for a new one in the same trip!

Note: Make sure to call the business before bringing your printer, since this list may change.


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