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Where to Recycle Holiday Lights

Where to Recycle Holiday Lights

What do you do with holiday lights once you’re finished with them?

If they’re functional, throw them in a box and keep them until next year. But if you have holiday lights that are half dead or can’t be revived, there’s a better alternative then sentencing them to a landfill.

This is another critical question to tackle in today’s Where Can I Wednesday.

Where to Recycle Holiday LightsMOMs organic Market holiday lights recycling

Great news for you if you’re looking to recycle holiday lights – there’s a solution right here in the city and locally! One of our fav place to bulk bin shop, MOM’s Organic Market, has a holiday light recycling drop-off bin now through January 31st. Simply visit one of MOM’s locations, bring your lights – and shop!

MOM’s Organic Market also has an amazing range of recycling programs so you can bring batteries, toothbrushes and other used products you’ve been hoarding for the visit.

Local MOM’s Organic Market Locations:

  • Center City Philadelphia: (34 South 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107), Mon-Sun, 8am-9pm
  •  Bryn Mawr:  (1149 E. Lancaster Ave., Bryn Mawr, PA 19010), Mon-Sat, 9am-9pm

    & Sun, 9am-8pm

  • Cherry Hill, NJ: (1631 Kings Hwy N., Cherry Hill, NJ 08034), Mon-Sat, 9am-9pm &Sun, 9am-8pm

If you stumble across this post past January 31st, the good news is that there’s a mail-away option.

Christmas Light Source, based in Texas, has a year-round recycling program and donates all proceeds to Toys for Tots. Box up your lights and mail to:

Christmas Light Source 
Recycling Program
4313 Elmwood Drive
Benbrook, TX 76116


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