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PhillyCarShare Sold Out, No Longer NonProfit

Although I had my own experience last fall as a Zipster for Zipcar, I fully respected the PhillyCarShare non-profit option… an alternative company where Philadelphians could share cars, pay less, and support the ‘little’ guy.

PhillyCarShare announced that it’s being purchased by Enterprise Holdings (aka the world’s largest car rental company).  They had been in financial trouble – aka $2.7 million in back taxes, partially due to being taxed AS a car rental company… making it impossible to acquire new cars and grow.

According to PCS’s press release, the switch will make the car share will try to be more sustainable with the new financial backing – launching a new initiative to reduce both energy use & energy costs by 20% over the next 5 years.  Lee Broughton, head of corporate sustainability for Enterprise Holdings, emphasized Enterprise’s ongoing commitment to innovative, sustainable local transportation solutions.  At least they’re trying to maintain their sustainable & community-driven (pun intended) mission.  Current PhillyCarShare members can even submit suggestions for new Pod locations to

PhillyCarShare’s current rates are $15/month to be a member, plus $4.45/hour + .25 cents per mile per vehicle.  (translation: I’m not exactly sure what this means.)  Zipcar’s rates depend on each vehicle and rental time – typically starting at $8/hour.

At the very least, Philadelphians may see more competitive rates and features between the two companies.

Readers, what are your thoughts? On the bright side at least we haven’t heard about an influx of SUVs coming from PhillyCarShare…

Posted by Julie

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