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West Chester 2nd in State to Pledge 100% Clean Energy

West Chester 2nd in State to Pledge 100% Clean Energy

We can (almost) officially call Chester County a clean energy hub.

After Phoenixville committed to 100% clean energy last week, West Chester refused to be left behind.

On Wednesday night, the Borough of West Chester, Pennsylvania voted unanimously to establish a goal of moving West Chester to 100 percent clean and renewable energy.

As Diane LeBold, West Chester Borough Council President stated,

“September gave us a glimpse of what the future will be like if climate change continues — and it doesn’t look good. West Chester’s commitment to a bold blueprint for reducing greenhouse gas emissions is just what is needed.”

The resolution calls for the borough to power all electricity with clean, renewable energy by 2035 and all transportation and heating by 2050. Also included in the measure is to commission a council or contractor to create a more detailed transition plan by Earth Day 2019 to ensure West Chester achieves its goal, along with boosting the local economy and allow all citizens to have clean energy.

West Chester isn’t ignorant of the challenges ahead.

Janet Cleaver, board member of the local nonprofit Chester County Citizens for Climate Protection (4CP), summarized the pledge this way: “West Chester’s vote demonstrates the importance of local leadership. The target of 100% is challenging, but it is achievable.”

Although I love South Philly, Chester County is looking pretty good these days… Who’s next?!?

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