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Test Your Knowledge: Green Quiz!

What’s your Green IQ?  Here’s a fun, quick quiz from Cotton (as in The Fabric of Our Lives):

Test Yourself!

Let us know your score, even if you didn’t get a perfect 100%, you may have learned something.

Posted by Beth

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Beth is a Health and Wellness expert who believes sustainability goes hand-in-hand with self care. She’s the girl whipping up kombucha cocktails at parties, and extolling the benefits of canning vegetables to anyone who will listen. View all posts by Beth Funari

3 thoughts on “Test Your Knowledge: Green Quiz!

  1. I think I had a solid 90% – Some of those questions were interesting! Good find, Beth! (But i must admit – Cotton is LYING when I ‘won’ the world’s cutest puppy – Maximus takes that prize, anyday!)

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