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Friday Quickie

 A little green wisdom : “What we do to the earth we do to ourselves.”  (Courtesy of Lululemon.)

Agree? Does this quote mean anything to you?

Posted by Beth

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Beth is a Health and Wellness expert who believes sustainability goes hand-in-hand with self care. She’s the girl whipping up kombucha cocktails at parties, and extolling the benefits of canning vegetables to anyone who will listen. View all posts by Beth Funari

2 thoughts on “Friday Quickie

  1. This quote reminds me that what we do the earth we also do to our future children.
    If we don’t tend to the planet our children, grandchildren etc. won’t live in a healthy, safe world.
    More incentive to live a sustainable life!

  2. Raina, EXCELLENT point!

    I completely agree – I think often people think of ‘the environment’ as a foreign concept, not something that can impact you AND your children and future generations.

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