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Chop it Up: Friday Quickie
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Chop it Up: Friday Quickie

chopsticksWhether you take out or dine in/out, many restaurants (especially sushi joints) tend to have disposable flatware and chopsticks for your taking.

Rather than using the chopsticks once before pitching, bring your own. I have a handy bamboo ware set (including chopsticks!) that I stash in my purse and take out when eating.

Picking up to take home? Tell your sushi, Thai or Chinese joint of choice that you don’t need the chopsticks when you place the order.


Photo: Asian Bistro

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3 thoughts on “Chop it Up: Friday Quickie

  1. Great idea! I tend to use my own pairs of chopsticks when I eat grocery store sushi (don’t judge!) and hadn’t thought about telling sushi restaurants not to pack me disposable chopsticks. But I do keep and save the to-go chopsticks for using later! It’s like saving extra ketchup packets! They eventually come in handy!

  2. No judging here! 🙂 I will say: Although I haven’t taken them/requested to not have them in a while, I have the occasionally delivery man slip them in. I reuse chopsticks for garden “planters”/markers, cleaning and other odd jobs. That should be another “Friday Quickie!” – how to reuse chopsticks!

  3. Garden markers are a great use! I use mine sometimes as stirrers. I think there are definitely enough uses to base a post on how to reuse chopsticks. 🙂

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