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BYO Cutlery: Friday Quickie on the Move
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BYO Cutlery: Friday Quickie on the Move

reusable bamboo cutlery setWe lead busy lives and with places like HipCityVeg, it’s easy to grab a quick snack or meal out. But what about all those plastic utensils they give for free? Isn’t there an alternative to more disposable crap?

I found this SWEET reusable bamboo utensil set on Amazon, complete with its own little cloth case! Keep a stash in your purse (or bag) and never worry about using disposable utensils on the go! It even includes chopsticks so you can eat sushi or Thai takeout as well. The various colors of the case also can fit your personality (or match your outfit!) The black and green ones are perfect for gents, too.

Readers, do you use a different reusable set on the go?

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1 thought on “BYO Cutlery: Friday Quickie on the Move

  1. I love my set! I haven’t used it often but I do keep in my bag everywhere I go. The problem is convincing places not to give me forks, etc. If I hand them back (even sealed), I see they are trashed. So I keep and collect for a shelter (along with straws).

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