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Organic Vodka: Benefits & 3 Brands to Try

Organic Vodka: Benefits & 3 Brands to Try

Let’s cover an important organic version today: vodka.

The 411 on Vodka

Vodka is made from starch-based ingredients usually grains like rye, wheat, corn, or other types of starches that come from vegetables like potatoes. However, grains like wheat and corn are often grown with the help of GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

The ingredients for organic vodka come from the best quality of soil. During the preparation of organic vodka, distillers avoid charcoal or carbon for filtering to maintain its organic nature. The ingredients in organic vodka are distilled in small batches to provide a clean, smooth taste without the rubbing alcohol overtones found in conventional vodkas.

Organic vodka Production

Organic vodkas utilize special distillation techniques, taking place in columns, separating impurities. These distillation processes carefully control the heating and cooling of the spirit.

Benefits of non GMO vodka

Some vodka brands, like OCEAN Organic Vodka, are distilled from organic sugar cane and then mixed with mineral water. These types of vodkas do not contain any GMOs (genetically modified organisms), pesticides or herbicides, making it clean and refreshing. Most vodkas are comprised of 60% water, so the quality of water is very important. Some Organic vodkas are made with deep ocean mineral water that adds great depth of flavor to the vodka.

Ordinarily, some chemicals are used to quicken the alcohol production, and the final product can contain some heavy metals and minerals. During the production of organic vodkas, these chemicals are eliminated at all stages of production, from fermentation to bottling and may even lessen the hangover!

One of the health benefits of organic vodka is that it helps in keeping the skin and hair healthy owing to the astringent nature it has. Vodkas are also helpful in promoting better cardiovascular health. It helps reduce stress and relieves a toothache and bad breath. Vodka can also be used to help disinfect the wounds because of the antiseptic and antibacterial qualities it possesses.

3 Brands of Organic Vodka

1. Drake’s Organic Spirits

Drake’s Organic Spirits handcrafted the first non-grain gluten-free organic vodka which is distilled 12 times. Owing to nature’s flavors, it provides a smooth clean taste that only cane alcohol can provide. The vodka is made in the United States using alcohol originating from the organic sugar cane harvested using the purest water flowing down from Andes Mountaintops in South America. Due to the 12 step distillation process, it provides fewer chances of GRAIN-fermented spirits.

2. Crop Organic Vodka

Crop Organic Vodka is and artisanal USDA certified organic vodka that is produced from the grain harvested from healthy, fertile artificial free fertilizers. It is also free of pesticides and chemicals. The efficiency of distillation process is essential in the manufacturing of vodkas and Crop Organic Vodka is known to be distilled in such an efficient way that it does not require carbon treatment or charcoal filtering. Crop Organic Vodka comes in flavors of cucumber, tomato, Mayer Lemon.

3. Square One Organic Vodka

They make Square One in an Idaho distillery from originally grown American rye. The water it is made with comes from the Snake River at the Teton Range. The spirit is infused with Herbs and vegetable. Square One Organic Vodka has various products. To name a few, Square One Cucumber is an aromatic spirit with a fresh taste of cucumber. Eight herbs and fruits go into the preparation of Square One Botanical. Square One Bergamot, made of bergamot citrus, mandarin, tangerine and navel oranges, along with the warm herbal spice of ginger, coriander, and juniper botanicals.

Vodka, composed of ethanol and water, is often a preferred liquor choice since it easily blends with other drinks without neutralizing them, due to its colorless and flavorless properties.

Choose Organic vodka over regular not only for health but for protecting waterways from toxic pesticides.

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3 thoughts on “Organic Vodka: Benefits & 3 Brands to Try

  1. Thanks for the information. We found Oceans organic vodka and giving it a try. Definitely switching to Grey Goose from Tito.

  2. Hello,
    I have a question about your second to last comment on this post, you mentioned that vodka composed of ethanol and water are preferred because they are better for mixing? My question is, if I am using vodka for the purpose of making extracts, will the organic vodka still work as well? Vodka made from ethanol and water are better for mixing drinks, will this change the flavor for the extracts? Thanks in advance!

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