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EcoQube Kickstarter Campaign: Feed Fish, Get Plants

EcoQube Kickstarter Campaign: Feed Fish, Get Plants

EcoQube Aquarium on KickstarterAlthough Americans are notoriously lazy, maintaining plants in the house can get difficult. That’s why there’s a kickstarter created by two UC San Diego Students that is BRILLIANT for those even with a black thumb.

EcoQube Aquarium Self Cleaning System

EcoQube is a desktop ecosystem that uses plants like Basil, mint and flowers to filter waters for fish. Easy to use, the aquarium is a sustainable way to keep fish and grow plants in your home, without worrying about constantly cleaning either.

Each “kit” includes an LED light, LED UV Sterilizer, aquaponics filter, aquarium & base. After the fish do their ‘business’ in the tank, the filter turns the waste into fertilizer. The plants use the fertilizer, thus keeping your tank clean and happy for your fish.

Worried about the end life of products? Every piece of the EcoQube is reusable, and the filter never needs to be replaced.

Support EcoQube on Kickstarter

Want to get a EcoQube of your own or help support their mission on #GivingTuesday? The EcoQube is on Kickstarter right now. Support a project where you can grow your own organic, local food.


*Disclaimer: I was offered an EcoQube in exchange for writing this post. The opinions are entirely my own and we only choose to write about projects which we believe in.

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