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Spark Change: Plant a Pollinator Garden

April 29 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Join our scientists and local experts to learn how you can plant a pollinator garden.

Whether you tend to a patio garden of container plants or plan to grow a meadow, you can help pollinators by providing the right plants to feed and protect these important animals. Join Academy scientists and local experts from Ernst Conservation Seeds, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, and Tree Philly to learn more.

At the Academy of Natural Sciences, we believe that individual actions can truly make a difference. Each month, we guide our community in a conversation about how everyday choices can affect the health of our environment. This April, as the days begin to warm, we’re focusing on how planting for our local pollinators can be an act of caring for our environment that helps us get closer to nature.

Commit to planting for pollinators this spring and we’ll send you a free packet of Showy Northeast Native Wildflower and Grass Mix from Ernst Seeds. Click the tickets button above to claim your free seeds and provide your mailing address.

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