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Renewable Natural Gas – Clean Air Council & Energy Co-Op FREE Webinar

April 27 @ 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Concerned about drilling and fracking? In this Earth Month Workshop, we present an alternative – Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)!

For those concerned about drilling and fracking to supply their home’s natural gas, Clean Air Council and The
Energy Co-op are joining forces to present a workshop on an alternative – Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)!

RNG is biogas, a compound of methane and carbon dioxide, that comes naturally from the
decomposition of organic waste, like landfills and other waste management facilities. It’s often flared,
reducing it to C02 and wasting the energy content of its methane component, however, it can also be
like conventional natural gas – without any drilling or fracking.

Join us to learn about the problems with drilling and fracking, the benefits of RNG, and what you can do
to get involved!

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