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Articles Written by Russell Zerbo

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Russell Zerbo is the federal advocacy coordinator at the Clean Air Council. He likes to participate in comment periods and write letters to the editor. He graduated from the College of William and Mary in 2011 with a degree in government.

PA Renewable Energy Update with State Rep Curtis Thomas

Ever wonder what local environmental orgs do to help push for a cleaner Philadelphia? Clean Air Council's Russell Zerbo shares with us today as guest blogger about a recent meeting with PA State Representative Curtis Thomas. A Day in the Life of Clean Air Council Part of my initiatives in the Clean Air Council is to improve energy efficiency working with local government officials. Pennsylvania's once innovative Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard to encourage renewable sources is now way behind the times. We (Clean Air Council) sat down with Solar States’ Akil Marsh and State Representative Curtis Thomas to discuss how Pennsylvania can support solar power and other energy issues. Find out more, after the jump!
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