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Let’s inspire each other: #ThisWeekI Column Debut!

Recently, I went to a Living Building Challenge event and through talking to one of the participants, I came up with an idea: If each of us inspires two other people to do ___ better, and each of those two people inspire two more, we can make exponential change. So, let's inspire each other. It doesn't have to be big. Find out more about "#ThisWeekI"'s column debut, after the jump:
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Hot Air, Less Clothes? Climate Changes Office Attire

It's HOT outside. With summer upon us, getting dressed for work can be a painful exercise. Ties or jackets in 95*F? Ouch. Turns out that some businesses are noticing that what we wear can cause pain to our planet.  Relaxed summer wardrobes are a good start to easing the pain: the fewer layers you’re wearing, the less air conditioning you need to be comfortable. Bring on the polo shirts! Find out more about how climate change is affecting office attire, after the jump.
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PSA about BWW: 6 Reasons to Bike While a Woman

Biking While a Woman (BWW) is a condition that appears to affect large numbers of potential female cyclists in the US. Nearly every study that looks to answer the question "who rides bikes" turns up results indicating "mostly men." Something about being a woman keeps women off bikes, or perhaps it's BWM that gets men onto bikes.  But as a woman, I can only share insights into what it's like for me and other female friends to ride our bikes in Philly and surrounding areas. I started riding a bike because I was in grad school, spending insane hours at school and coming home at various hours. The thought of paying Septa for the privilege of sitting in traffic on a bus; standing on a corner waiting for a bus; a bus or train schedule dictating my arrival or departure from school made me anxious and even a little angry. Even though it's public transit, I didn't like needing fossil fuels to get around. I got a bike and never looked back. >Are you a lady who still hasn't made the transition to biking? Here's 6 reasons you should catch on to the BWW now:
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