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Articles Written by Erin Cooper

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4 Reasons Why Reading Terminal Market Rocks!

Reading Terminal Market is the place to be. Ever since I’ve moved to Philly, I try to hit up my obsession, Reading Terminal, as often as possible. Attracting an average of 120,000 visitors per week, this fantastic market is not only filled with a plethora of local food options, but in an accessible location. The history of the market is fascinating. Did you know that the Reading Terminal Market dates back to 1680? It didn’t look the same – instead, there were a bunch of informal markets around the vortex of Market Street. It became more formal in 1693 and had a pretty good run until 1971 when Reading Company declared bankruptcy. Luckily, the revival of the market sparked during investments for seasonal foods and impromptu piano concerts in the 1980s into what we currently enjoy today. Need any more reasons to hit up this Philly favorite?
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Raising Ms. President: Why Don’t Women Run in Politics?

Did you know that women make up 51% of America, but only 17% are serving in the House of Representatives as spokeswomen? Or that only 34 women have served as governors compared to 2319 men? America now ranks 98th in the world for percentage of women in its national legislature, behind Kenya and Indonesia and barely ahead of the United Arab Emirates. Find out what's wrong with these numbers and what you can do, after the jump.
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Yogi Beginner’s Guide: 5 Reasons to Try Yoga

Want to find a way to glow from the inside out? Yoga is a great way to find inner peace and better yourself. Although it may feel like everyone else has gotten on the yoga bandwagon, it’s never too late to start. No, yoga is just not a girly excuse for exercise, either. Yoga has some serious health benefits for men and women of all ages. Here are 5 health benefits from practicing yoga:
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Philadelphia Mural Arts Celebrates 30th Anniversary

What started as an Anti-Graffiti Network quickly evolved into an art. Eventually evolving into the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. Jane Golden began reaching out and redirecting many graffiti writers in 1984.  Golden encouraged many creators of vandalisms to channel their creativity to better Philadelphia. Thanks to Jane Golden,
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The Honeygrow Hype: CEO Justin Rosenberg Spills Secrets to Success

Honest eating and growing local has been Honeygrow’s motto since opening in 2012. The fast-growing food chain honors this slogan every single day as they support local farmers and serve customers. Honeygrow serves fresh and healthy and delicious quality food. With two current locations, Honeygrow is aiming to have two more locations up and running by Spring (Cherry Hill, NJ) and Fall (Radnor, PA) later this year.
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