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Articles Written by Catharine Gaylord

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Catharine was an Editorial Intern in 2014. From growing up in Damascus, Maryland to studying Marketing and Finance at Saint Joseph’s University, she got her first taste of sustainability in Elementary School when her mother went on a recycling binge and got the family on board. She assumes she'll probably be something like that when she grows up, too. She loves her other roles as a Resident Assistant and barista at Starbucks. In her spare time, she loves to go for long runs, reading Game of Thrones, and watching Hockey.

6 Easy Ways to Recycle Water Every Day

Since I was in elementary school, I’ve been lectured about how to conserve water. Recently I caught wind about recycling water. What exactly does it mean to recycle water? The common definition relates to sewage water, which you and I can’t help with on an individual level. However, ordinary citizens can take water that would otherwise been wasted (i.e. shower water) and save it for non-drinking purposes. Think of it as a step beyond water conservation and to save on your water bill too! Here are 6 easy ways to recycle water:
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Where to Recycle Common Household Junk: WCI Wednesday

If you’ve been cleaning your house lately (or packing for college like me!), you might notice that you have a lot of stuff lying around that you don’t exactly know what to do with. Lots of items often get thrown away, but wouldn’t it be better to have them be recycled or repurposed? So for this week’s Where Can I Wednesday, we’ve covered how to do just that! Here’s our guide to recycling some common household junk items:
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8 Philly Exercises that are More Fun than the Gym

Every summer, I tell myself that I’ll use free time to start exercising. This summer was no exception. I even went the extra step and bought a gym membership to keep the promise to myself. I proudly stuck with it every other day for a month, but then I lost motivation and never went again. So why is it such a hard time to commit to the gym regularly? Personally, I get bored using the same machines at the same place every day! Instead, I hunted for fun ways to exercise in Philly to get back in the swing of things for the fall. Here are 8 fun & unique Philly exercises for beginners to experts:
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Sustainability on Campus: Philly Universities Go Green

We compared the greenest hotels, coffee shops, and more (obviously, that’s in our name). However, one big player in the sustainability game is often overlooked: universities. Philadelphia is lucky enough to have a number of high-ranking universities. the majority of these schools are making progress in sustainability, with initiatives growing annually and beyond their own campuses. Let’s take a look at a handful of these schools and the programs that they've been implementing.
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