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Climate change is the greatest challenge of our lifetime. In order to overcome it, we need to make solutions easy, local, and relevant to everyday people.  

Green Philly is a digital media publication that connects people to sustainable solutions through our resources and events. Our mission is to make sustainability local, accessible, and affordable; while also facilitating the local sustainability community’s growth.

Make Green Philly your go-to sustainability hub, learning about local changemakers making a difference, ethical businesses, and where to recycle odd objects in our Where Can I Wednesday column. Check our community events calendar, job board and City Rising podcast on iTunes.

Green Philly hosts events throughout the year including panel discussions, educational flash talks, and SustainPHL in August, Philly’s annual sustainability awards ceremony and celebration.

How it Began

Green Philly event table

Co-Founder Julie Hancher began her career in marketing at a local publishing company. In 2008, one of her coworkers told her that the company was secretly throwing the recycling bin contents into the trash cans.

The unveiling of “Recyclegate 2008” was shocking, and lead to a lightbulb moment.

Sustainability seemed difficult, hard and expensive – and it was 2008! Things should be easier. Shouldn’t companies be should required to recycle?

Fast forward to 2022, and many of the same problems exist in Philadelphia and the world. People still combine trash and recycling – even if it’s the city of Philadelphia on occasion. Companies make decisions without the planet in mind. And continue to combat environmental racism and make the sustainability sector more inclusive.

Green Philly approaches sustainability with a wide lens. Beyond environmental sustainability, we must allow sustainability for ALL people, the planet and afford a comfortable lifestyle.

We believe that when we can educate and empower an individual to make small changes, they’ll become invested in an achievable, sustainable future. Get involved today by signing up for our newsletter.

Green Philly was born from frustrations and expectations that we – Philadelphia, young adults, and community – could simply do better.

Despite its humble beginnings as a blog in 2008, Green Philly has evolved into a robust media organization with a website, social media, events, and podcast.

We value local journalism as a pillar of democracy. Green Philly works collaboratively in the local journalism ecosystem, as a Broke In Philly partner, and has participated in the Delaware River Watershed Reporting Collective, Covering Climate Now, and Civic Story.

Sustainability shouldn’t be hard.

How we’re funded

Green Philly is a benefit corporation, which means we are a socially-focused organization. We’re funded through a mix of sponsors, grants, advertisers, and reader subscriptions.

If you enjoy our content, events, and mission, please contribute to Green Philly. If you are a company or organization that would like to elevate your message to Philadelphia’s sustainability community, contact us about advertising opportunities. If you would like to give a one-time or monthly donation as a reader, contribute here.


William Penn Foundation

The Team That Makes it Happen…

Co-Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Julie Hancher

Julie Hancher is Co-Founder & Editor of Green Philly, a local media company that makes sustainable living easy, accessible and affordable to the region through its website, events and podcast.

In 2016, Hancher created SustainPHL, Philadelphia’s annual sustainability awards and celebrations. Green Philly launched the City Rising podcast in Fall 2018, available on Apple, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Julie is a frequent speaker and sustainability expert and has appeared on WHYY Radio Times, Philly Weekly, Travel & Leisure and more. During her tenure at Green Philly, her initiatives have resulted in plastic bag legislation, connected readers to careers, and increased the security of the Schuylkill River Trail.

She graduated from Pennsylvania State University and completed a Climate Change Science, Communication and Action certificate from Cornell University. When she’s not behind a computer, you can find Julie hiking, biking, creating art and recipes, or traveling.

Meet the Team

Harrison Mace - Business Development Director

Harrison is our Business Development Director based in South Philly. Originally from Santa Cruz, CA, his love for the coastline has evolved into a passion for all things sustainability-related: especially in Philadelphia where he's spent 11 of the last 12 years. He's connected to a number of different organizations and environmental groups in the greater Philadelphia area and strives to integrate his change-making expertise with the evolving field of sustainability to provide a more just future for all. Outside of work, talk to him about music, tea, art, cooking, and degrowth.

This position is larger supported by the LION-Facebook Revenue Growth Fellowship is a program run by LION Publishers and funded by the Facebook Journalism Project.

Marlie Derstine - Marketing Assistant

Marlie Derstine is the Social Media Marketing Assistant for Green Philly. Marlie graduated from Temple University in 2018 with her bachelor's in Communication Studies. In 2021, she formed Marlie Media LLC, a social media marketing consulting business for local businesses that have a mission for positive change. In her free time, you can find Marlie traveling, hiking, or trying out new vegetarian restaurants in the area!

Meet Contributors

Jada Ackley

Jada is a West Philly native passionate about environmental justice and climate adaptation in the city. Currently, she is a Program Coordinator for the Overbrook Environmental Education Center, but in her spare time, she enjoys spending time in nature, mixing music, and tending to her plants.
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