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Green Philly helps you live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Founded in 2008, Green Philly is a media company that connects people to sustainable solutions through our website, events, and podcast.

Find out about local changemakers making a difference, ethical businesses and individuals. Discover how to recycle odd objects in our Where Can I Wednesday column.

We also have resources including a community events calendar, job board and podcast. Find City Rising on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Green Philly hosts events throughout the year including panel discussions, educational flash talks, and SustainPHL in August, Philly’s annual sustainability awards ceremony and celebration.

How it Began

Green Philly event table

Since I was little, I remember an assembly in the school auditorium about recycling. Rick, dressed head-to-toe in a park ranger uniform, started a song called “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. (Those may have been the only lyrics…)

Fast forward to 2008. Every employee had a trashcan and recycling bin at their desk, and I took the time to rinse and put my recyclables in the right place. Then, I found out from my coworker that our employer was taking the recycling bin contents, and throwing them into the trashcan.

I was outraged.

Sustainability shouldn’t be hard.

Green Philly was born from frustrations and expectations that we – Philadelphia, young adults, and community – could simply do better.

Although we started as a blog, we’ve evolved into a media company that connects people to sustainable solutions. We still promise the same core values that grew from our roots: sharing the local, easy and low-cost choices to live sustainably. Sustainability goes beyond recycling and affects every choice we make.

The Team That Makes it Happen…

Co-Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Julie Hancher

Julie Hancher is Co-Founder & Editor of Green Philly, a local media company that makes sustainable living easy, accessible and affordable to the region through its website, events and podcast.

In 2016, Hancher created SustainPHL, Philadelphia’s annual sustainability awards and celebrations. Green Philly launched the City Rising podcast in Fall 2018, available on Apple, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Julie is a frequent speaker and sustainability expert and has appeared on WHYY Radio Times, Philly Weekly, Travel & Leisure and more. During her tenure at Green Philly, her initiatives have resulted in plastic bag legislation, connected readers to careers, and increased the security of the Schuylkill River Trail.

She graduated from Pennsylvania State University and completed a Climate Change Science, Communication and Action certificate from Cornell University. When she’s not behind a computer, you can find Julie hiking, biking, creating art and recipes, or traveling.

Meet the Team

Jada Ackley

Jada is a senior Environmental Studies major at Temple University with a minor in City and Regional Planning. Currently Jada is an Editorial Intern at Green Philly. Her Interests includes enjoying nature and advocating for sustainability!

Avery Matteo

Avery is a junior at Bryn Mawr College majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in English. She is currently an Editorial Intern at Green Philly. In her free time, you can find her curled up with an iced coffee, a book, and her adorable dog Cosmo.

Anh Norris-Phan

Anh is a Temple University graduate with a Bachelor's in Public Relations. She's currently an Event & Marketing intern at Green Philly. On her days off, you can find her hiking nature trails, crocheting, or trying out new recipes!

Meet Contributors

Siani Colón

Siani Colón is a Philly-based journalist, born and raised in the city, focused on community-based reporting. In her free time, she volunteers with the Tacony Creek Park.

Brianna Baker

Brianna is a Philly-based journalist and Baltimore native with a passion for reporting on urban sustainability and environmental justice. In her free time, she's an amateur vegetarian chef, Harry Potter trivia champion and occasional world traveler.
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