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Top 5 Co-working spaces in Philadelphia
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Top 5 Co-working spaces in Philadelphia

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who’s seeking fellow creative or in-a-work from home position, you need to often work solo. And in this world, there are only so many days where one can camp in a coffee shop before going stir crazy.

Beyond the lonely factor, traditional workspaces provide many opportunities with networking, mentorships and general camaraderie with colleagues. But what if you were able to get these benefits without buying an entire office?

The co-working movement in Philly is rapidly catching like wildfire, with spaces focused on various niches across the city’s neighborhoods. It’s easy to see why this trend continues – individuals can share desk space, collaborate and meet similar professionals to simulate the benefits of an office without a long-term commitment. Plus, flexible co-working price plans can range from a few days each month to year-round.

Beyond the basics, individual co-working spaces include unique benefits like yoga classes, happy hours and workshops or art exhibits.

city coho coworking space
Lounging at coworking spaces after hours

Not sure where to begin looking for your perfect shared workspace? We gathered a list of our favorites for you.

5 Best Co-working Spaces in Philadelphia

1. Indy Hall

One of the original co-working spaces in Philadelphia, Indy Hall specializes in the techie type but includes writers, artists, scientists, small business owners, marketers and more. Located on North 3rd Street (recently renamed “n3rd St) and regardless if the physical space may change, Indy Hall has built a community through robust events and meetups.

Indy Hall perks include a guided group intro via Google Hangouts, an online community list / chat rooms, group activities and field trips throughout Philadelphia, free/discounted events each week like community meals, show and tell and more. For the late workers, there’s a Night Owls every Tuesday night from 6-10 p.m.

If you go: 22 N. 3rd Street, Philadelphia PA 19106;, Monday through Friday from 9-6 PM, passes start at $30/day.

2. Pipeline Philly

A newbie to the co-working scene, Pipeline Philly is centrally located in Center City, near 15th & Market Streets. Focusing on small businesses, politics and entrepreneurs, Pipeline Philly has a mix of co-working space and private offices. The flexible spaces allow collaboration, learning and socializing.

Additional perks include being one of Philly’s “smart buildings”, membership directory, conference rooms, discounts at local suppliers, café, social lounge & event areas and a full time receptionist.

If you go: The Graham Building, 30 S 15th Street, 15th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19102; Open 24/7;; Flex space starts at $199/month.

3. City CoHo

Positioning themselves as the first sustainable co-working space, City CoHo hosts sustainability professionals and much of the tech community. The LEED candidate building is located at 24th & Walnut, overlooking the Schuylkill River Trail.

City CoHo is also home to sustainable organizations Delaware Valley Green Building Council (DVGBC) and Sustainable Business Network, creating a central ground to discuss and create sustainable projects.  Other floors include private offices for businesses including Ticketleap.

Additional features of City CoHo include conference rooms, fair trade coffee & tea, ping-pong tables, green roof, bike racks and more.

city coho ping pong

If you go: 2401 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103;; Monday through Friday from 8:30 – 5:30 PM; passes start at $30/day.

4. Benjamin’s Desk

A diverse co-working community which calls itself “premier”, also has a slightly higher price tag to go along with it. Superfast internet, Skype or Google hangout, flexibility for space with multiple zones and work environments, security and making it easy to get sh*t done.

With an original location in Rittenhouse, Benjamin’s Desk has been rapidly expanding to multiple locations in Washington Square and University City. The calendar is full of events to mingle with fellow coworkers. In addition, Benjamin’s Desk incorporates philanthropy in programs like #PhillyGives, helping further social impact across Philadelphia.

If you go: 7th & 8th, 1701 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103; the Pennovation Works (3401 Grays Ferry Avenue), The Curtis (601 Walnut Street),; Monday through Friday from 9-6 p.m..  Passes start at $49/day.

5. The Hive Philly

** Editorial note: the Hive announced that it is closing at the end of January 2016 after this post was scheduled. However, we look forward to seeing what other co-working spaces pop up to help fill this niche.**

Are you a lady mover & shaker? The Hive Philly is the first space dedicated to the female entrepreneur. This quaint co-working space in Old City inspires collaboration and development, complete with complimentary coffee, tea and snacks, free printing and free access to monthly workshops. Find out more at the Hive

If you go: 222B Race Street, Philadelphia PA 19106;;  Monday-Friday, from 10 AM – 6 PM; passes start at $25/day.

The Hive Philly coworking space

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, techie or artist, you can find your niche at one of the many co-working spaces in Philadelphia.

Readers, we want to hear from you. What’s your preferred co-working space? What are really cool perks you’ve experienced at the spaces across the city?

We love working in Philly – but living here isn’t too shabby, either. If you’re looking to move into the area, check out’s local guide for the best of the Philadelphia region.

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