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Fair Trade at Penn State Brandywine

Penn State Brandywine has been a Fair Trade university since May of 2012. Brandywine was granted “Fair Trade University Status” by Fair Trade Campaigns USA, on World Fair Trade Day, after a 50-page application was submitted by “The TrailBlazers” at Brandywine....
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Penn State Brandywine Wins Award in Local Gardening Contest

Penn State Brandywine’s green thumb just got greener. Penn State Brandywine’s Honors Garden won second prize in the Community Vegetable Garden category of the Delaware County Master Gardeners’ 2015 garden contest this past summer. The Delaware County Master Gardeners is an organization...
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Eco Friendly Napa: Food, Activity and Wine (Obviously)

I spent last weekend soaking up the loveliness that is Napa Valley. We stayed in the charming town of Yountville and enjoyed it to the fullest. Napa is gorgeous all year-round but the spring and fall months tend to be the busiest. If you're in need of lots of some wine and relaxation I'd consider it for your next vacation. Here are some of my recommendations: Explore One of my favorite things to do when traveling is aimlessly wander and see what I stumble upon. In Yountville its super easy to do just that. The town is small and walkable. I took a jog my first morning there to take in the beautiful hills and quaint shops.  I happened upon parks, a greenhouse, and shops opening for the first wine tasting of the day (yes, at 8:30am!)
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Recycle Wine Corks after Chugging that Bottle… Where Can I Wednesday

After a long and exhausting day, I like to unwind with a good glass of wine... so much that I'm enjoying one in my hand as I type this post! (OK, maybe alternating typing & drinking...) But once you (or I) polish off a few bottles of sweet, sweet heaven, where can you recycle wine corks?
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Philadelphia Recycles Carton Containers (OJ, Milk & Wine)

Good news for your recycling needs: The Philadelphia Streets Department & Mayor Michael Nutter announced you can now put carton containers (for milk, juice, soup, soy milk, broth, wine, etc) along with your single-stream recycling! Philadelphia Carton Recycling Rules The new “carton”...
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Alex Elman Wines Review

Sometimes you hear a story about someone who has faced adversity and not only risen above their challenges but done something good because of them. Stories like that are inspiring, and have a way of putting things in perspective. In my eyes this is one of them. Alex Elman lost her sight at 27 years old due to complications from diabetes. Her loss of one sense helped heighten another - taste. She discovered she possesses an exceptional palette for wine tasting. Read on after the jump!
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Where to Recycle Wine Corks: WCI Weds

It's Philly Beer Week Ya'll! Although I enjoy a good local brew, I'm also a huge fan of wine. Wine bottles are recyclable and you can find local and/or organic wines easily. But what should you do with those damn un-recyclable wine corks? Good news - there's a few options for you! Choose one of the following to do with your wine corks:
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Is Organic Wine Better?

It's no secret that 'organic' just sounds better. Many people easily make the transition to buying organic produce, but we often get asked what's really the payoff to switching to less-obvious organic products? Let's take wine for example (after all the holidays are coming up and for some that means 'social lubrication' is on the incline!) What makes organic wine special?
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