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Get out of those Plastic-Polluting Yoga Pants & Into Organic Cotton.

Going sustainable isn’t purely about what you’re recycling or how you’re getting to work. Have you thought about what you put on your body? (I’m talking clothes here.) The problem with conventional workout gear Many conventional workout gear is made...
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Organic Vodka: Benefits & 3 Brands to Try

Let’s cover an important organic version today: vodka. The 411 on Vodka Vodka is made from starch-based ingredients usually grains like rye, wheat, corn, or other types of starches that come from vegetables like potatoes. However, grains like wheat and corn...
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6 of Philly’s Best Organic Salons

Ladies and gents, let’s talk salons. Most of us enjoy the occasional mani-pedi or maybe treating ourselves to a balayage once in awhile. The ugly truth of these luxuries we enjoy is that many salons use products containing harsh chemicals. Chemicals...
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Organic Gardening 101: 4 Steps to a Chemical-Free Garden

You’re ready to start your first organic gardening project: so you plant seeds, water, and weed. But as you keep watering and weed a little more, you start getting nervous that that’s not enough. A few weeks later, your plants...
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Philly is #9 for Organic Foods

A list by Sperling’s Best Places service, compiled a list of the top 10 organic cities in America. Philly scored the #9 slot, due to “Buffered by a robust organic farming community in its home state of Pennsylvania, The ity of...
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A Better, Healthier Arnold Palmer with Organic India Tea: Friday Quickie

I must admit - When it comes to drinks, I save any calories for booze. Therefore, I typically only drink water, coffee (with organic soy or almond milk), and homemade smoothies. When I received a batch of Organic India Tea to try, I was so psyched - but I didn't want to try all of this hot tea when it was 8000* outside. Therefore, I experimented with iced tea. Here's one of my fav combos thus far: The Arnold Palmer Makeover: Healthier, less cals & delicious.
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Miracle-Gro, Organic, or ‘Who Cares’ Soil? Friday Quickie

If you haven't started seedlings yet for your spring & summer crops, it's time to get started. First thing: which potting mix should you choose? Although Miracle-Gro tends to dominate Home Depot & conventional 'home' stores, you may be supporting a scary brand. Miracle-gro has fertilizers and synthetic chemicals, criticized for not improving soil over the long term but instead leaching unnatural chemicals into streams and ponds. (Find out more, after the jump!)
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