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Breaking Down Barriers: How local environmental centers are bringing inclusion for underserved communities outdoors

AWE Centers to Participate in Delaware River Basin Urban Wildlife Community Engagement Program Focusing on building conservation partnerships with underserved urban communities The Nature Place, an environmental education center and the headquarters of the conservation organization Berks Nature, sits on...
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Eco-Innovations: How toolkits helped local schools understand their local watersheds.

The longstanding urban watershed program continues to take shape even in face of COVID-19 pandemic In an effort to not allow its award-winning urban watershed curriculum to fall short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, generous funding and the work of...
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Unlikely advocates: How local breweries are leading in Delaware River Watershed conservation efforts

Philly’s a beer town. Clean water means cleaner (and tastier) beer for you. Heroes wear capes. Sometimes, they drink beer.  Two years ago,  nearly 20 breweries from across the Greater Philadelphia Region, sent a joint letter to Congress in efforts...
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Swarthmore & local schools leading the way for renewable energy efforts

Colleges nationwide continue to energy & electric vehicle efforts, according to PennEnvironment 2020 has been a bad year, but there’s one good thing: colleges continue to trailblaze towards 100% renewable energy and other sustainable efforts. Six Pennsylvania colleges have been...
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Here’s how to support local green efforts this Giving Tuesday

Where to help fund sustainability & support local orgs Today is the day your inbox is flooded with pleas from local organizations to open your wallets and give. Here’s a few local efforts that help fund sustainability efforts. Rodale Institute...
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How to Shop Local (for almost anything) this Holiday Season

Looking to cut out Amazon, Target & big box stores this holiday season? Here’s our cheat sheet for EVERYTHING Local This year, the holiday season may look different with wait times to enter your favorite local shops or shifting online....
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TTF Honors Local Clean Water Efforts

Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership Hosted its 9th Annual Watershed Milestones Award Virtually Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership (TTF) hosted its 9th annual Watershed Milestones Ceremony on November 12th. In lieu of an in-person event, it was hosted virtually like many other events this year....
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Local environmental organizations are suing Trump over cutting methane standards for oil & gas

Clean Air Council’s Russell Zerbo explains the move, why it’s problematic, and how you can help. Earthjustice, Clean Air Council and other organizations (along with 20 U.S. states) are suing the federal government over the finalization of the removal of...
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How Local College Leaders & Student Activists Are Working Towards 100% Renewable Energy

PennEnvironment brought together collegiate experts and organizers to share how their institutions are switching to renewable energy sources. Here’s what students can do to push for greener operations at their universities. At PennEnvironment’s 100% Renewable Campuses Virtual Panel on August...
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